Our Approach

Phitness Plus is more than a gym – it is a way of life. Our Phit Crew strives to create an environment customized to your needs. We offer a diverse group of classes targeting physical, mental, and spiritual health. With 10+ years of experience, Coach Wood has trained and continues to lead the Crew in providing wellness programs flexible enough to work with any schedule and budget. Cultural competence and humility is a must on the Crew as we are dedicated to serving all communities in the Madison area.

Families train together at Phitness Plus. Due in part to our commitment to a lifelong relationship with our clients, we have the highest number of parents and spouses training under one roof at the same time in Dane County.


Our Story

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Meet the Team

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Haywood Simmons

Founder, President & Positive Outcome Coach

Haywood Simmons, Jr. is a native of Macon, Georgia.  As a committed Holistic Wellness Consultant and Positive Outcome Coach, he has a lifelong passion for fact finding and solutions creation. He has assisted 100’s in reducing stress, weight and illness utilizing a wide array of techniques. Each program is uniquely designed for the specific clients’ needs.


Michelle Naff

Vice President & Health and Wellness Coach

Michelle is a Profession Community Health Consultant with a diverse background and personal experience.  She meshes her love for cooking and food preparation, with years of research and experience helping individuals and families live a more active and healthier lifestyle.  With custom designed nutritional programs, each client is sure to find life changing success.


Stacy Williams

Fitness Manager

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